Our Story

The vision at Camp Coffee Company is that our customers feel valued and appreciated. The goal goes beyond great service. Everyone has their place to escape from the “everyday” – a place special to them, where they can get away, possibly spending some much needed time alone or sharing quality time with the people who matter most to them. Camp Coffee was created to be that place.

For owner Jason Simpson, camping has always been an escape. His earliest camping memory is of his mother putting the coffee percolator on the stove each morning. Moments later, their small camper would fill with the intoxicating smell and sound of coffee brewing.

Those early camping and coffee memories were just the beginning. Jason has spent 30 years working in customer service and over two decades learning every aspect of coffee, from farmer to customer. He has a deep appreciation for every step of coffee production, from the many people around the work who grow coffee to the baristas and their craft. It was this level of engagement that fueled his successful career. Jason is inspired to bring everything that he has learned into his own business. Welcome to Camp Coffee Company!

We are proud to be using Bird Rock Coffee Roasters for our roasted coffee. They are a San Diego-based company that has been recognized for their excellence in coffee roasting. Bird Rock goes beyond the confines of the fair trade structure and engages in direct trade with farmers. They have been a great partner in our journey for selecting the right coffees to feature at Camp.

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